Victoria Beckham Makeup For Estée Lauder: Extreme Light

We have long known this collaboration by which a range of Victoria Beckham makeup products will become the crown jewel of Estée Lauder. This is a limited edition of cosmetics, which seeks to cajole women and turn them into powerful beauties. The former Spice Girl herself has been tasked with designing the range of products to achieve what she craves.

The Victoria Beckham makeup set is really complete and in terms of price, it does not deviate at all from what is usually costing any Estee Lauder cosmetics. We are not dealing with a brand of makeup that is cheap, but they are usually products of very high quality. To me, personally, is one of the makeup companies that I like.


This collaboration between public figures and brands of all kinds is fashionable. But, in addition, there are already enough celebrities who have launched their own makeup and cosmetics firms. This is the case, for example, of Kylie Jenner, who with her collection of lipsticks has managed to get into the female universe in the pocket. They say of these lipsticks that their durability is extreme and that the colors are wonderful.

So, Beckham could not be less and needed his own cosmetic line. What has made it girl is to create indispensable products, according to her, in any set – up. The illuminating cream, achieves a light effect and extreme juiciness. Obviously, Victoria Beckham makeup, the sun powder cannot miss and become the perfect ally for the runaround.

As for eyeshadows ideals, designer bet on the super dark tones and iridescent. The brightness seems to be the trend of the autumn and this also comes to cosmetics. It is clear that nude colors will never be lacking in makeup. In fact, in this kit you can resort to a lip in this tone.

In makeup Victoria Beckham also makes a bet by the vibrant lips. For this, the designer has resorted to a lipstick in intense red color, almost coral, which follows the current trend of lips mate. It is clear that this season we are nobody without a lipstick with matt effect.