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Here you can find a lot of articles of different content. We will tell everything you wanted to know about research chemicals: the history of its emergence, information about the usage and dosage of the best research chemicals you can possibly imagine etc. We will also enlighten you in kinds of research chemicals; we’ll show you the distinction between research chemicals, bath salts and designer drugs. Reviews of those who have already tried one or another agent, trip reports and thematic forums are to your disposal here.

Recently we were asked about trusted vendors we can name. So here is the deal. Advertising contradicts the principles of our blog and we can’t name one or two specific e-tailers. But we also can’t leave your requirements unsatisfied.

That’s how we got out of this situation. We have compiled a list of 5 vendors for you. When making the list we relied on vendor’s reviews and discussions on vendor’s forums. The order of vendors depends on the range of products the e-tailer provides and its position in Google Search. So, here we go.

This vendor has a wide range of research chemicals in its products list. All contacts are legit. We were able to find a lot of reviews of satisfied clients. In addition, ChemicalWire provides a system of frequent discounts. It is represented in the social networks so you can follow the updates of products via your Facebook or Twitter account.

2.Legal Powder LTD
The e-tailer has impressing list of products. A great advantage is that the company produces her product not just supplying. We communicated with the manager. The contacts are legit. We could figure out a lot of positive Legal Powder LTD reviews. And, the web-site of company has its own forum where you can also leave a comment on Legal Powder work and product. The vendor is represented on Facebook and on its page you can find information about all updates.

3.Research Chemistry UK
This shop has a little bit more narrow list of products but still a great one. It is also represented in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. And that is how you can realize everything is real. We even could chat with their sales manager a little. Research Chemistry UK has its system of discounts for returning customers and a blog where you can follow discounts’ updates. And, in addition, the company has stylish web-site.

The web-site of the vendor is quite convenient. The contacts mentioned on site are genuine. The Facebook page is regularly updated so you can follow the new products or the season discounts the vendor is offering. The product list is not so wide but the prices are reasonable.

5.Pure Chems Direct
The range of products on Pure Chems Direct web-site is quite narrow and specified by certain characteristics of the agents. But all the contacts are legit despite defects in functioning of Facebook page. We’ve talked to the sales manager of the e-tailor. In addition, here you can find agents in pellets and that is not what you can order at every research chemicals vendor.

So this is our survey of the research chemicals vendors working via Internet.
And remember, we are waiting for your new questions and we’re always glad to help our readers.