Two Worlds Collide? Netball and the World of Business

If someone said that you can improve your career or business life by taking up a sport, you might think it a bit odd. We’ve moved on from a world when business was conducted on the golf course, but sports can still work hand in hand with the world of commerce.

Two Worlds Collide

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For instance, if you take up netball you will learn new skills which keep the brain active as well as improve you physically. You will become stronger and more confident, especially if you win games, and you also learn to play as a team with different players bringing their own set of skills to the game.

Stronger Together in Sport and Business

This is true in the business world too – each team is made up of people with different strengths and abilities, but each contributes to the collective success of the company.

Bettina Pidcock, Executive General Manager of Marketing at QBE, summed it up when she pointed out what women in business and sportswomen have in common.

She said that getting to the top in both fields needs hard work, dedication, confidence and the ability to develop your skills. She also believes that women in sports can provide inspiration for the next generation and wants to see this reflected in business too.

Bringing New Skills to the Workplace

Playing netball can boost your career as you learn to work as a team, learn how to focus and set goals, increase mental resilience, learn how to multi-task (as you may need to aid defence and offence in the same game) and set goals for yourself and your team.)

You may also want to learn to coach or become an umpire, which will improve your leadership qualities as well as make you more confident. If you feel coaching is the way forward, then you need to set up plans for each training sessions to introduce variety. These could include watching a netball drill video to look at every aspect of the game. A company such as has a range of drills to practise.

The skills that you learn as a team player in netball can also be used in business life to emphasise the strengths of working together rather than competing against each other.