The top stationery essentials that are a must have for the office

No office can operate without the most important and vital pieces of office stationery. Whether you are starting out or have already become an established business, you cannot properly function without the needed essentials. It may not become apparent to you, we all take the little things for granted when it comes to stationery, but when you read through the list of top necessities you may find you are missing more than you realise. Have a read of these office necessities and discover which ones you are missing out on:

This is perhaps the most obvious essential. Nothing is worse than going to print that all important document to find out the printer is out of paper, even worse, there is no paper left in the office. We all need paper to write down vital reminders (Especially if we haven’t got a diary at hand, but we can get to that later) and if your office hasn’t stocked up on paper supplies, you’ll quickly find that productive gets chaotic.

-Pens and pencils
Like paper, if you haven’t got a pen, you cannot write anything down. In the age of modern technology, computers are slowly removing the need to writer by hand. Unfortunately, when you need a pen, sometimes it is nowhere to be found. Nothing presents your company in a more professional light than writing a reminder with a neat biro, or signing an important document with an elegant ink pen. They may not always be needed, but it is handy to have a pen around when you do, so cover all your hand writing and highlighting needs by stocking up.

Laptops, computers and mobile phones have nearly made the traditional paper diary obsolete, with the ability to set reminders for events. A paper diary can still come in handy when you are unable to access your electronic diary and having a professional looking diary lying about on your desk will add a touch of class. It is also a good idea to stock up on diaries (You can have them custom made to have a company logo) for those who are not tech savvy and ensuring that everyone in your office has one to enhance organisation.

-Paper shredder
For those sensitive documents, that need destroying after use, a paper shredder is vital. Some paper shredders can now destroy CD’s and DVD’s, so you can shred any sort of document and keep confidentiality safe. Shredded paper is also easier to dispose and decreases the amount of waste.

You may be surprised how many times you might need to stick documents together. Not the most common stationery used, but you may find yourself frustrated when you need it and your office hasn’t stock up on it. Pritt Stick and blue tack can be a boon when needing to hold up posters, or add notes to flip charts.

In conclusion, you should always strive to keep your office stocked up on the essentials. Ask your employees to keep track on what you’re low on, so you can order stock in so you don’t have to go without until your next delivery. You should establish a connection with an stationery supplier, who will not only fulfill your stationery needs, but can advise you on other essentials as well.