The ten strangest things found in a skip

You can’t walk down a residential street these days without coming across a skip. However, you will be amazed at the crazy things that people put in skips. Here’s a list of ten strange things that have been found in skips.

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1. Historic photos of the construction of Tower Bridge

Historically significant sepia shots of construction work of this iconic bridge were discovered at the bottom of a skip outside an office conversion.

2. Classic Peter Sellers films

These classics were rescued from a skip by the manager of an old Park Lane Films property in 1996.

3. An Ivor Novello award

A Croydon skip was the resting place for an Ivor Novello award which, it was later discovered, was only a display model.

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4. Classic 1939 Vincent HRD Series-A Rapide

An administrative error in the 1960s resulted in this rare motorcycle ending up, dismantled, in a skip.

5. Human ashes

Luckily, the remains of William and Mary Ann Hunter were discovered just in time by a recycling yard operative.

6. Empty coffins

Discovered by a Scottish couple in Clydebank in 2013 when they were disposing of some flowers. If you are about to book a skip from a firm such as, you won’t want to find any of these!

7. Letters dating from World War One

Touching letters between soldier, Willie Griffiths, and his young wife were found in a Sunderland skip, revealing much about the life of a soldier.

8. Famous wedding album

Amy Whitehouse, the late singer, married Blake Fielder-Civil, but the marriage only lasted two years. Their wedding album was discovered in a skip in Kilburn in 2009.
9. A stressed guinea pig

Dumping live animals in skips is completely unacceptable, but this guinea pig had a lucky escape. He was spotted by a council worker so at least there was a happy ending. Swansea skip hire firms certainly don’t want to find live animals!

10. A whole caravan

This is the best! A complete 1.3-tonne caravan was found balancing on an empty skip in Newport in South Wales. According to the South Wales Argus, the local skip company refused to remove it, which is hardly surprising.

It is always advisable to check out what can be safely disposed of in skips, before you hire one!