The 11 Most Profitable Internet Business Models

When it comes to choosing profitable online business models, we tend to think of the ones who generate the most money without paying attention to the high expenses they have. Knowing what business to undertake will not only depend on the benefits you can get. It is clear that having a business is the best option (or at least a very good option). But if you are looking to set up some profitable creative online business ideas to make money online you have to know which internet business models best suit your way of thinking and acting.

And once you have clear the online business model that you are going to follow you must choose good business ideas according to your skills.

Profitable online business ideas:

To consider a profitable online business you should not only look at some business ideas, but they must meet some requirements to be considered as profitable businesses on the Internet.

On the internet you can find various options to make a profitable internet business. In addition, the internet has the advantage of finding profitable business models with little investment.

So in today’s article I will tell you some of the most profitable online businesses out there are:

  1. Advertising

Advertising is everywhere so why not take advantage of it? This internet business model is very broad and can be applied to virtually any platform you can think of.

In fact, it is one of the most used options for those who decide to create a free blog despite the limitations it has. The return they get by this route is insignificant since, as you will see in the drawbacks, you will need a lot of web traffic to be really profitable.

Your revenue will come for every click or every thousand impressions of an ad on your web page or blog. The examples where online advertising is most often used as a profitable internet business model are:

  1. Youtube channels with many visualizations and subscribers.
  2. Blogs and websites with thousands of hits per day.
  3. Niche websites with direct advertising of products and services of its theme.
  4. The Virtual Franchises

As with any franchise, you will have to make an investment. But being all over the internet and not needing a physical establishment, you have low investment costs for what are franchises.

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This makes the online version currently the most profitable franchises. The rules of operation are the same as with traditional franchises except that you will not need to buy or rent an establishment nor will it be necessary to hire employees.

In addition you can find multitude of profitable businesses within the online franchises; from online real estate to marketing companies and online stores. That said, the arrival of the internet and its constant evolution makes virtual franchises a business with a future.

If you decide on virtual franchises as a profitable online business, it is important that before you settle for one, you will be informed with the companies that you are interested in to negotiate and see what conditions and benefits are exposed by each one.

  1. Multilevel Business Online

The network marketing or multilevel marketing is a profitable business model in the hierarchical Internet that consists of the sale of products or services and increase the profits by creating your own network of distributors, which will report a commission for each product they sell .

The initial investment in online multilevel businesses is usually low, but the benefits are slow to arrive and will be according to the level of your skills as a vendor and distributor pickup.

With the advent of the internet this type of business has become more crowded since through websites or blogs you can sell the products and get distributors at the same time.

  1. Make Surveys

Making money by doing surveys online is a profitable business model focused for your free time and not dedicated to full time. It is about conducting surveys of market studies of different web pages where you will receive a small profit for each survey conducted.

  1. PTC and Navigation Platforms

This business model focuses on making profits by browsing certain pages or viewing ads. It is not a business model that you can live with except in very specific cases, but it is still a profitable online business model if you use it in your free time as it does not take much time.

  1. Casino Games, Betting and Investing in Financial Markets

Although they are completely different things, I have decided to include them in the same point because they are quite similar in the advantages and disadvantages. Certainly can be considered as the most profitable online business models but the risk is quite high. Among these profitable businesses we can find people living through online poker portals, casinos, betting pages or investing in financial markets.

In fact we are in the boom of these types of online businesses and I am sure that you have run into some of these types of pages. It is not difficult to find some advertising of casinos or investment in forex or in binary options. If you want to opt for these profitable internet business models, I advise you to be very cautious and invest money in training.

  1. Online Stores

With the advent of the crisis it is inevitable to see how some stores have closed. But in return for this, many other online stores have opened and are still booming.

The advantages of having an online store are many that not only make them a very profitable online business and scalable, but can be perfectly combined with a physical store. Imagine having your store on the internet where the costs of the establishment and employees are zero. Well this is the case with this internet business idea.

  1. Dropshipping

The dropshipping is a profitable online business model that involves selling online products without having them directly. As if it were an online store, you take care of the platform where to offer the products and promote them. Each time you place an order, you pass it on to the wholesaler and / or producer to distribute the merchandise to your customers.

With dropshipping you become an intermediary between the customer and the manufacturer or wholesaler. Of course, you do not take the benefit of the entire product, but that your benefit will equal the difference between the price of the product put in your online store and the price of the product of the manufacturer or wholesaler.

  1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable home-based businesses on the internet where you do not need to offer anything of your own. This system is one of my favorites and consists of charging commissions for each product or service that sells from third parties. As you find this is highly scalable since you only have to focus on promoting these products or services. The production and distribution runs on behalf of third parties.

It is one of the most profitable Internet business models because it does not involve a cost on your part and you can promote many products of any subject. Of course, in order to set up an online business of this type you will need a web page, blog or online store.

A simple example of this business model would be to create an online store offering Amazon products with its affiliate program. For each sale from a link from your website, you will get a commission.

  1. Sale of Products and / or Services

If you are a company or independent professional who wants to earn a living with a profitable internet business this option is yours.

Basically it consists of selling your products or services through a website or blog. You do not need to have an online store (it will depend on how many products you sell).

Having a web with blog is the ideal medium to reach your customers and the products or services are the same that you can offer with a traditional business.

  1. Infoproducts

A variant to the previous point where the products are not something physical, but are digital so the costs are much lower. An infoproduct is any digital product that you can sell repeatedly in your web or blog.

It is one of my favorite systems of profitable internet business because you can practically make infoproducts of what you want and the sales are completely scalable and automated. Examples of infoproducts are Ebooks, guides in PDF, courses in video, sell software, applications…


So if your goal is to set up a business and work from home online you can see that there are different profitable online business models that can perfectly adapt to your goals and abilities. You just have to choose the profitable online business ideas that best suit you and the market situation.