Talent and experience: A combination of success

There is no doubt that the best winning combination that exists today for success is the talent and experience. Both are two commendable qualities capable of enhancing any project.

We must not ever forget that, after all, the purpose of a business is to make profits and improve your bottom line. For this, they need qualified collaborators who are able to give a quality plus productivity to their services. Therefore, individuals who combine talent and experience are highly demanded in the current work landscape.

How To Identify Talent And Experience

The main thing to improve the environment and productivity of a company is able to identify talent and experience. For this, you must know different facets and potentialities of an individual:

Professional Development: Through a job interview, using a qualification test, or studying a curriculum and seeking references, you can see the professional development of a person. This fact will reveal different facets of work, such as its past performance in the different companies in which it has worked. From there you can discern a good part of his talent, but much more about his experience.

Personal development: Through the search for references, past jobs, personal interviews and projective tests, you can also learn much about the personality of an individual. In this way, you not only study your experience, but also depend your talent, your eagerness to improve your performance and your development needs.

The experience

Experience is a vital element when selecting one or another candidate in a personnel selection process. Therefore, it is necessary to develop it from an early age, because, thanks to it, you can obtain:

  • Professionals with experience in confronting adverse situations and knowledge to solve them and overcome them.
  • Effectiveness in day to day work, together with ability to develop strategies, teamwork and knowledge of the professional environment in which it moves.
  • A professional with experience can add value to the product, since it has the knowledge necessary to perform its task without excessive need time to adapt to the new position and can apply their previous training.

The Talent

On the other hand, you never discard a business talent, since it is a plus of value to any production line.

  • An employee who shows talent, does not focus so much on what he did previously and what his professional background, but on demonstrating his possibilities and capabilities innately or through extensive training. If both are joined, the combination is perfect.
  • A talented collaborator is a person with a broad ability to internalize knowledge effectively and quickly, which is a great advantage for every company.
  • Thus, talent combines an employee’s capabilities that, well channeled, can be a vital asset in every company.
  • A talented collaborator will be a valuable asset for the work teams, as it can serve as inspiration, leader, motivator, group mover, etc.

Talent Or Experience?

Not an easy task decision between talent and experience. Obviously, the combination of both is the perfect tool that guarantees success. However, a trained person should begin to demonstrate their skills at some point, while having an employee with extensive background does not show that to be able to show initiative or other interesting strengths.

Since experience obtained working, and talent, still being innate, can be strengthened with appropriate personal and professional development and training required, the best combination of success that you and any other individual can achieve with the right motivation, it is talent and experience.