St Paul’s Cathedral

London is a city bursting with possibilities, as seen in it’s architecture, it’s people, it’s events and it’s atmosphere.  Everything about it seems to be a symbol of it’s limitless and hugely various quality.  Whatever you would want out of a city can be found here: it is one of those places that people go to fulfil their dreams.

This is all with good reason, and if you haven’t experienced London for yourself yet then you really are missing out.  With such an excellent holiday opportunity right on your doorstep, it is a wonder why people ever decide to go anywhere else.  With it’s multiculturalism, striking modernity and hugely exciting cultural community, there aren’t many places in the world that can claim to be in competition with it in terms of excitement and amusement.

St Pauls Cathedral

For not only is it a city of the future, an emblem of progress and development: London is grounded in it’s roots as a town of the Old World, and thus has a long and rich history.  Unlike such sprawling metropolises as New York, London looks back over thousands of years, retaining it’s unique collection of stories that make it what it is today.

Perhaps that is why London is so unique, this split personality it has which straddles it between the past and future.  On your holiday you will be able to take in the newest attractions from the West End stages and treat yourself to a state-of-the-art shopping trip one day, and then the next slip back in time whilst exploring a fascinating relic of times gone by.

One of these that you should definitely check out is St Paul’s Cathedral, as interesting for it’s historical significance as it is still continuingly beautiful: you cannot fail to look on St Paul’s without it taking your breath away.  The child of the genius of the famed Sir Christopher Wren, this magnificent building is famous the world over for it’s unique and brilliant design.  On your tour round the cathedral you will learn about it’s history and it’s very individual architectural layout.

St Paul’s is, quite simply, amazing.  For fans of art and history this is a must-see, but for the rest of us it’s unique beauty will be more than enough.  This is Britain’s version of the Sistine Chapel and should be seen by everyone with a pair of eyes: get your tickets now and prepare to be captivated and enthralled.