Online Session Bass Player – how to Find and Work with one

Bass is often considered as an unsung hero of a music track. It provides rhythm and depth to almost any piece of music in every genre and style. Simply, the bass line is the heartbeat of a song. Have you composed your own music, but it sounds somewhat hollow or incomplete? Why don’t you get a professional bass player online to record the most suitable bass track for your music?

How to find an online bass player? 

In the cyberspace, where almost every type of service is available, finding an Online Session Bass Player is no big deal. You will find plenty of them. However, do make sure to conduct proper research before assigning a professional, as all of them might not worth their salts. Some of the best ways to do research is seeking word-of-mouth recommendations from your relatives, co-workers and friends and of course – searching the internet. Visiting the websites of such service providers can also help you a great deal in evaluating their extent of reliability.

How it works? 

Once you are done with the research part and selected an online bass player, here is how you will have to proceed. Although different musicians follow different working patterns, the format of working is more or less similar with most of them. Take a look:

  • With a professional and reliable session bass player, you can enhance the quality of your music as easily as 1, 2 and 3. All you need to do is place your order by sending your work to him or her. It can be anything – a professionally recorded piece or just a rough demo. However, just make sure you send the best possible version you have of your music.
  • Most artists do love their artistic freedom. It helps them to add all the magical elements to a musical track. However, professionals who value their clients do pay attention to their words as well. Therefore, feel free to add your comments as well as requirements while placing the order.
  • Once the new custom bass track of your song is recorded, he or she will send you an mp3 version for reviewing and approving (only if you are satisfied). Upon your approval, he or she will send you the complete and final version in the format preferred by you.

What needs to be addressed beforehand?

First of all, always talk about pricing beforehand. This is important for smooth professional relationship. In case your project is a huge one, do check if there is any room for negotiation or not. Secondly, copyright issues should be discussed before placing the order(s). With a reputable service provider, “Work for Hire”might be the agreement you go into. According to this type of agreement, the service provider is not allowed to use your music under any circumstances. Not even in his or her portfolio, until and unless your consent is there. Also, you own all copyrights of the new recorded bass part to use as you wish.

What if you aren’t satisfied with the work? 

Well, in that case, you can always claim your money back by showing a proper cause for your dislike, provided the one you hired has such clause in the agreement. Generally, a professional Online Session Bass Playeris more likely to be upfront about such provisions. So, you can find such information in his or her website.