Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is a term that is used to describe the simplified building styles at the end of the 19th and 20th century

Modern architecture offers something for everybody. Even if you admire the opposite of the design spectrum and enjoy the beauty of rustic style, there are still elements of modern design that you will like. You don’t believe it? After reading this article, you might change your mind.

The base of modern Architecture is clear and simple lines

The philosophy of modern architecture stays true to the ideal that form follows function. So, modern architects express themselves through simplicity, clear opinions about structure elements and they avoid unnecessary detail in design. Modern architecture has a real structure and materials that are used are opposed to flashy design. That’s the reason behind why many modern designs have the elements of wood, steel and glass, to show these industrial structure materials.

What defines modern Architecture?

The meaning of modern contemporary are mixed in the design world, which resulted in the creation of confusion, that leads us to ask ourselves: Does contemporary architecture have the design of modern architecture? If we are literal, contemporary means now, while modern refers to the technological and engineering events that date back from the 20th century. Modern architecture focuses more on industrial metals like steel, concrete and glass, while contemporary design may use the same elements, but it’s creations are considered new, or advanced. With all this, it is clear that these two designs mix with each other. All in all, it is defined by pure lines and minimalist interior that allows the structure to talk for itself.

Modern design should be an antithesis of previous styles of design that used heavy structures, carvings and wood all around the house. Because of that, most components of modern design, from furniture to the shape of rooms, have clear, straight lines without many detail. That is a bit different from contemporary design, which uses curvy and enveloping lines. The lines of modern design are much sharper.

Modern Design is unique

Despite it’s unique style that avoids additional decorations, modern architecture stays unique. Actually, modern architects have created some of the most meaningful unique projects in the world. Many modern architectural projects have straight roofs and a box like style, but they surely don’t look boring. They are unique in design, and their beauty must be appreciated.

In summary, modern architecture is the architecture of pure lines, straight forward design, simple appearances and overall beauty. It’s minimalist, and goes along the ideal that form follows function. The interiors in buildings that were design in the way of modern architecture are simple and beautiful, allowing the outside to speak for itself. Buildings that are made with this design style are usually well lit, with big windows allowing a lot of natural light to go inside, even more accenting the beauty of the space. Unique in design, modern architecture has won the hearts of many architects and is continuing to win over the world.

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