How will we live in the future?

Predicting what will be in our homes in the future is always a bit of a gamble. Think of Back to the Future II and their predictions for what life would be like in 2015. Some of it was eerily close to the reality of 2015 but in other ways, it was ridiculously laughable. Nobody yet, to my knowledge, has self-tying shoes! So all we can really do is take an educated guess and look at some of the technology currently available but not yet mainstream and judge what might take off.

It is generally assumed that homes of the future will have dropped all those CO2 heavy manufacturing processes and embraced a more eco-friendly approach. Currently some companies are developing ways to build blocks made from bacteria and fungi! Your roof too might be made from super reflective tiles or a biosolar roof with energy generating panels. What about a smart home that automates your lighting and entertainment needs? For a Home Automation System, visit

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Gravel for your driveway could also be a thing of the past, following Dutch plans to start using plastic waste taken from the sea to construct highways. It sounds a bit crazy but imagine if you could heat up your drive in winter to avoid ice and snow and be able to hold charging stations for your electric car. Pavements leading up to your front could be panels that generate electricity from the footsteps of your visitors. That’s only if people are even still using their legs in the future! If delivery by drone takes off as it’s expected to, the postman certainly won’t be regular on your energy-generating tiles!

Even your garden can get on board with the tech revolution with devices to monitor the weather that will regulate the watering of your grass and plants. Robots can keep your lawn trimmed and you can even install wifi sensors to let you know how your soil is doing from temperature to acidity levels.

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Things get technical in the kitchen as well with devices that will recognise a raw meal and know exactly how to cook it. One handy invention is a vertical digital recipe projector so you can wave goodbye to trying to stir a pot and turn the page in the cookery book at the same time. But if you’re still inclined to make a mess then fear not because surely everyone will have an Instinct Vacuum Cleaner. It looks like a dog with a vacuum for a head and it will cleverly 3D map a room before hoovering up your mess.

How about trying out a smart toilet? Is there much need for such a thing we ask? It promises to have heated seating, night lights and remote controls. Rather scarily, there are current Japanese designs that will recognise the posterior and even give you feedback on the state of your health from the rate of gush and the contents of your excrement! I predict that men won’t be spending hours sitting there anymore for a bit of sanctuary.