Gravest situation of all!

Slim is in:

Of all the diseases that are stalking humanity, obesity is considered the gravest of all. This is a very bad condition to be in as you have to carry extra weight on your body which causes a sense of helplessness and feeling of powerlessness. When the others are going around happy, the one that carries the weight is never happy at all. For fault of his or not he is carrying as though it is a punishment. It can be nothing but a punishment. Of course there are other diseases that are fatal but there you do not carry baggage except in the case of overweight. Not only is this very trying on your vital organs but also on the psyche of the individual as it wears him down and a feeling of frustration sets in. This affects the young and old alike in a situation where you cannot enjoy a small cup of ice cream is punishment indeed!

The supplements:

In the war against obesity many supplements have been developed that claim to cure the whole difficulty, but along with the supplements, exercise and proper diet follow up are also recommended. This is a math which surely is frustrating. The more work you out and less you eat the better. There are herbal extracts, chemical medications, surgeries and many other new methods that have been developed to cure the weight problem. In the fight and struggle against obesity, the new addition of a supplement that is quite famous is biotin. This is recommended by many doctors that it is helpful in the metabolism of fat which is explained in the YouTube video. The video shows how it can affect the metabolism to cut down the calories supplied by the fats and the carbohydrates.

How it works:

The biotin supplement that doctors and patients talk so much about is actually a vitamin from the B complex vitamin variety or group of vitamins. This works as a coenzyme that triggers the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. The actual cause of obesity is the build up of or storage of carbohydrates under the skin that which if in excess are converted to fats. So, if the carbohydrates are attacked, then the weight loss process becomes easy and one can almost say it is a precision process of working on the fat cells.

The benefits:

There are many benefits of taking the biotin supplement as it increases the energy level, as you metabolise more fat and carbohydrates, the more energy is released from the stored up fat tissues which can be utilised for allthe different bodily functions. The most important use of the energy is in exercising more in order to keep the weight loss process going. When energy is supplied, the whole body comes alive with activity and lethargic feeling is done away with. It can promote a very good mood and body pains can also be cured. There are alsoother benefits for which biotin is well known for such as hair growth for those who have thin or dull hair. Many women are facing an immense problem of baldness due to several reasons and this helps to remedy that as well. The other benefits include promoting or growth of health and shiny nails which again is a mark of good health.


The health of the hair and nails is what many doctors analyse to suggest if the person is healthy or not. If hair growth is thick and shiny, it shows perfect health as the you tube video can show you.