Five tips to keep your car safe from thieves

Theft is a big issue for car owners, even in an age in which vehicular security measures have come on in leaps and bounds.

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Car theft is currently at a record low; however, it is important not to become complacent in the face of falling crime figures. Here we look at five tips to keep car thieves at bay.

Remove valuables

While some people are satisfied with stowing their precious items away in the glove compartment or boot of their car when it is left unattended, this is not enough to deter committed criminals. It is therefore always a good idea to take anything valuable with you rather than leaving it at the mercy of opportunistic crooks.

Always park in a safe place

Where you park your car will play a big part in determining whether it is targeted by thieves, with well-lit areas with CCTV coverage best if you need to leave it in a public place away from your home. Installing truck camera systems, which are available from suppliers such as, will be a similarly effective deterrent.

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Avoid remote central locking

Most modern cars come with remote central locking; however, thieves have found a way of copying the unique electronic signature used by motor manufacturers to provide vehicle owners with access wirelessly. If this is a concern, some models offer the option to disable remote locking altogether and instead use old-fashioned key-based entry for added protection.

Embrace car alarms

Car alarm systems are an excellent deterrent, but not all vehicles come with them. Third-party firms produce and install these for most models and you can invest in one if you would like an extra layer of security.

Use steering wheel locks

Locks that affix to your steering wheel, gear stick and other key components that make a car impossible to drive are not as common today as they once were; however, they remain a relevant deterrent for anyone who wants to steer clear of determined car thieves. If you have spent thousands of pounds on a vehicle, it is worth spending just a little extra on shoring up its security rather than taking unnecessary risks and ending up the victim of a crime that could easily have been prevented with a little forethought and planning.