Everything You Need to Know About Eaton Powerware

Powerware is a brand-name of Eaton Corporation and denotes a comprehensive portfolio of products that maintain quality power supply. This includes uninterruptible power supply devices (UPS), surge correction products, and networked power management solutions.

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The range incorporates small devices for protecting single computers, up to distributed bullet-proof systems able to protect entire hospitals, factories, server centres, and telephone exchanges, and includes everything needed in these systems, including power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring software and cooling airflow management.

It’s a Vulnerable World

The frailty of critical power supplies are not always appreciated: they can be knocked out by storms, solar flares, terrorist sabotage, hacking or simply by everyone making a cup of tea at half time.

Domestic homes might tolerate the occasional blackout or brown out, but many parts of society cannot – hospitals, steelworks, telephone exchanges, airport radar… These systems simply cannot have power failures, even for a short time. Tube trains that stall in tunnels will prompt passengers to walk on the rails. Mines and tunnels require constant pumping to stop them flooding.

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Large modern buildings must have backup power for emergency lighting in the event of fire, to enable safe evacuation. Powerware products protect thousands of lives at large gatherings and enable the events to take place at all by providing compliance with safety legislation.

Eaton UPS Systems Provide Solutions for Everyone

Even the domestic costs of unstable power supplies are widely underestimated. Appliances like light bulbs and refrigerators are worn out early or broken by an inconstant supply without owners even realising it. Washing machines can destabilise some domestic circuits enough to endanger nearby hi-fis and TVs. The same is true of expensive computer networks, even before the risks of losing data are considered.

Growth in demand for electricity as well as the mission-critical nature of the ever more complex systems running on it, mean that it is a constant challenge to develop and deploy solutions up to the job. Be sure to employ quality products and the services of experienced Powerware suppliers, such as CPP who have been an approved partner for Eaton products for over 10 years (http://www.cppsales.com/Eaton_UPS_Systems___Accessories-catid17).

The available products can be bewildering to domestic users and large corporations alike. Your experienced supplier can explain to you the products which best meet your particular needs, at the most economical cost.