Do not ask for your hand on the first date

As sellers, we suffer from what I call “commercial precocity”. That obsession to close the business without having built the necessary confidence in any business relationship. It’s literally like asking for your hand on the first date. Every sale requires a process of falling in love and generating trust.

Remember, we do not like being sold, but we love to buy. The principle is to generate all the conditions for the sale to be the consequence. First generate value and confidence, then close the sale.

Generate confidence in what?

In WHO – Trust in you as a commercial adviser. In a business relationship, the first thing you sell is the seller. If the customer does not buy from you, you will hardly buy what you sell. You are the biggest differential (for good or for bad).

In WHAT – Trust in what you sell. In your product or service. Believe in what you sell and your customers will believe in what they buy. Demonstrate results, success stories and judgmental elements so the client understands why what you offer is better than other options. Usually the problem is not price, the problem is trustworthy.

In the HOW – In the administrative process, in the commercial management, in the knowledge of the implications, in the advice and in accompanying the client along the way.

How to generate value?

There are several ways to generate value and build the trust a customer needs to make the decision to buy and stay with you.

  • Be generous with the information.
  • Orient the customer on what he needs, so for now do not make a sale.
  • Help without expecting anything in return.
  • Stay on the radar. Do not appear only every year for renewal.
  • Get to know what you sell.
  • Build relationships.
  • Do not seek to win a sale, seek to win a customer

Sales are not a 100-meter run, they are a long-range marathon. A sale is not a simple transaction of money, it is a transfer of trust. Trust is not demanded, trust is earned. It is the forgotten art of human interaction.