Customize the Windows context menu with your favorite cloud service

The context menu of Windows is one of those things that you use every day, but which will not always take full advantage that could (as we saw recently that also happened with the Task Manager). One of those possibilities, for example, is to expand its functions personalizing it with new options.

If you use a hosting service in the cloud as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, you can easily add a shortcut to them in the context menu of Windows (if the service itself has not done). This trick also works to add any Windows folder you use often and you want to always have on hand. Just follow these steps.

Customize the Windows context menu with your favorite cloud serviceFirst of all, if you’re going to use this trick to have your hosting service cloud at hand, you’ll need to install the desktop client for Windows accordingly. If you use Windows 10, you have the client installed OneDrive.

Once the client on your system, open a Windows Explorer file and go to this address:


The window you see is the menu “Send To” on the context menu, so that all the shortcuts you create here will become new options in the menu.

As an example, in this case we have used the application OneDrive. To create your shortcut, it’s as easy as dragging the icon of the application from the left sidebar to the window. If you do not see the message “Create Link”, press the key Ctrl to toggle that option or “Copy”.

If you are creating a link to a folder frequent use , simply drag the folder from another window to the window of the SendTo menu. Optionally, you have the ability to rename the newly created shortcut, for example by eliminating the part of “shortcut”.

Fact! From that moment, you can send any file to your hosting service in the favorite cloud, or any of the folders you use most frequently in your computer, simply right -click it and choose the appropriate option from the context menu .