Christmas Gift Ideas for Something a little bit different

As the big day starts to loom, we turn our attention to what gifts to buy for people. Some people are harder to buy for than others, seeming to have everything and want nothing, but if you are fed up with buying people the same old ties/socks/smellies gift sets every year, have a read below for some inspiration on what to get for something a bit more special…

Why not have a go at making something yourself? There are all sorts of tutorials ranging from easy peasy to insanely complex depending on your creative skill level, but it can be a fun thing to do and it is lovely for someone to receive a handmade gift. If you are arty how about a hand painted glass vase – glass paints are available at most craft shops and you can make the design as easy or complex as you like. Maybe you are a good chef – how about some homemade Christmas cookies – nothing tastes better than homemade food! Another good idea is a photograph frame – have a look at this tutorial. You could put a photo inside of a special occasion or day which you enjoyed with the person you are making it for.


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Have a think about what they like to do – if they have any particular hobbies for example and get them something related to that. Maybe they are a big sports fan, you could get them a signed picture of a favourite sporting hero, or a signed ball. Perhaps they are more of a reader – a special set of books will please them, maybe signed by the author. If they like gardening, how about something special for the garden, an ornament perhaps, or maybe a new set of garden tools, like these personalised ones?


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What are their life circumstances? For example, a busy mum would probably really appreciate a day in a spa with pampering treatments to unwind. There are many different spa packages available to suit anyone, depending on where they live and what they like. If they are the sort of person who enjoys plenty of action, check out where they can drive a tank in Nottingham! A unique gift that they won’t forget in a hurry. A great gift for a couple, could be tickets to watch a show or musical perhaps.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas – but remember it really is the thought that counts so don’t get to stressed over it!