Burglars look for these things when targeting a house

Burglary, in general, is an opportunistic crime; however, there are still things that would-be burglars are looking out for. Whether they spot them when specifically finding homes to target or simply by chance, make sure you have not unwittingly given them an invitation in one of the following ways.

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Predicable schedules

When burglars stalk out houses to choose which to target and when, they are looking at your schedule as much as your valuables. As creepy as its sounds, they may know when you are going out and when you get home, giving them plenty of time to be in and out by your return. Mix things up a bit where possible, pretend to shout goodbye to someone inside as you leave, or leave a radio or TV on.


It may seem normal to store your ladder along the side of you house, but this is an invitation to a burglar. If you are having work done on your home and want to leave the ladder there to be accessible, for example, a burglar will spot it and will know they can use it should you leave an upstairs window open. Hide all ladders completely out of sight at all times.

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Unlocked front door

Being at home does not mean that you can leave your front door unlocked. Many burglars test the front door by knocking – if no one answers, perhaps because you are in the garden or upstairs, they can simply walk in. It is said that around one-third of burglaries are committed through front door access. Even locked doors can be a target, so make sure you have an anti-snap cylinder and reinforced handles such as those available from a good Belfast locksmith.

Shiny goods

Burglars are looking out for evidence that you have some expensive stuff inside; therefore, hide the box for your new TV and make sure valuables cannot be easily viewed from a ground-floor window. Certain high-value items, such as cash or jewellery, should be stored in a safe, which can be fitted by a trusted Belfast locksmith.

Without realising, you may have done your local burglar a favour by making your home seem more appealing. Always reduce the risk where possible and ensure your home is fully secure.