A Red Bull will have escaped some details of the AM-001 RB, unintentionally?

At the beginning of July we knew the close collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull to realize a supercar halfway between production vehicles and Formula 1. The AM-001 RB begin to be delivered in early 2018 and still a long way go to filter have been involuntarily some details.

In a job offer published on the website of Red Bull we have seen that they are looking for engineers motorsports and automotive industry with expertise in hybrid systems and semi-active suspension. If these tracks were aimed at AM-001 RB end would have a car that would come close to an F1 car.

A Red Bull will have escaped some details of the AM-001 RB, unintentionallyFaster than a Formula 1

The design of the suspensions 001 and combine principles used in competition by Adrian Newey in its 30 years of experience but with a compromise between effectiveness and comfort unknown. To do so would use a new semi-active dampers scheme with traditional electronic settings, employing different asset Aston Martin in their current sport.

It might not sound anything revolutionary, but Newey behind the project is almost certain that we will find a solution never seen to date in a car price will be around a conveniently located between two and three million pounds.

We also know that the engine is a V12 capable of very high speed turn and seeing seeking engineers who understand hybrid propulsion systems, we have guaranteed the use of electric motors . The question now is to know whether hybridization focus like a street car or decanted into the MGU approach to Formula 1.

In any case, the estimated power that will have the AM-RB 001 when standing on the streets (or circuits) will be over 1,000 hp for a weight on the scale that should not stray too far from the 1,000 kg.

In his day they claimed that the supercar result of the first collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull will be faster than a Formula 1 circuit current. Have they been setting the bar so high?