4 Tips To Improve Your Twitter Account

Today every business needs a good online marketing strategy, i.e. creating an advertising plan so that the brand is sold while a good solid build community social networks. Among other things, Twitter is one of the best platforms for this. In recent months there are several new features that have been both advantages of advertising and appearance.

Then we leave tips which help us to gain relevance and contribute to the progress of the company.

Using New Design Twitter Features

In terms of design, the header image has been a good change. You will have to take care of the detail design your header image and supplemented fence and harmony. Before making any changes is important to ensure that the header image is easily legible and visible if you put some text. As in all marketing strategist have to be creative and study the image you please show to create greater visual impact.

Advertise Your Account

Regarding another aspect of the advertising advice we give is that we advertise your Twitter thus will obtain more users than you want to continue and will grow your community of the social network, that’s what it has to try to be gaining relevance. They are easy to install with advertising tweets.

Manages Relationships with your Followers!

If it is important to gain followers so is the management of relationships on Twitter. This aspect is central to a strategy for social media marketing. As far as time is concerned, investing in it as small as possible is essential, therefore, must be able to gain effectiveness in actions that you may win in time. This is where we recommend some tools that will be of great help. To upgrade your account you can count on Buffer, such as management and concrete traces whatever you need are TweetDeck and Hootsuite, which also allow you to program publications for comfort. Another very interesting is Common, Which facilitates relationships with the most committed followers who must care for the copper strategy more effectively and better results.

Measure the Results

The last aspect we should not neglect its importance is to check if the job is being well done or not. There are several tools to statistically measure the growth of the community supporters. We recommend TwitterCounter, TwentyFeet and which allow seeing the growth of your followers on Twitter as compare with competitor’s scales of popularity and relevance in the network. It is very convenient to study assiduously to see the effectiveness of each step taken, comparing the number of new members who get out of there and actual results and objectives of the work being done.